May 2024

Tune in to our Live Microgrids Webinar
Join us Thursday, June 13 at 12:00 p.m. ET for the "Unleashing the Power of Microgrids: Resilience, Efficiency, and Smart Operations". Cities, towns, counties, and industries are striving to decarbonize and meet their clean energy goals, and microgrids offer an excellent solution. In this webinar, our team, in partnership with a client, will explore the potential of microgrids in depth.

Attendees will learn about the fundamental concept of microgrids—local energy grids with control capabilities that can operate autonomously from the traditional grid, enhancing grid resilience by mitigating disturbances. Additionally, the webinar will cover how microgrids contribute to energy efficiency and smart operations, particularly during high-demand periods. A real-world case study from Fort Wayne, Indiana, will also be showcased, providing valuable insights into the successful implementation and benefits of a microgrid system. 

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